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We’re on a Mission

To serve, impact, and empower communities around the world through direct trade coffee. Our team at Zona Coffee Roasters doesn’t just have a passion for coffee – in fact, believe it or not, coffee is only a small (yet important) part of why we do what we do. The driving force behind our operation are the coffee growers, their family members, and their communities. Through their decades of experience and hard work in creating the highest-tier coffees in existence, they have opened a window of opportunity to rewrite the narrative for coffee-growing communities around the world, which are challenged with some of the most difficult living situations in existence. By partnering with these coffee growers, Zona Coffee Roasters is able to offer their coffee directly to Customers in the US and other markets, providing the roasting expertise to ensure the coffee is prepared to the ideal characteristics for each bean. We then take 10% of our top-line sales (not just profits) and directly inject it into ministries working to support the development of the communities that grew that coffee in the first place.

Zona 18

Consider Guatemala City’s Zona 18, an area that Zona Coffee Roasters will be actively supporting through collaboration with Engadi Ministries. Zona 18 has somewhat of a reputation as one of the most densely populated, dangerous areas in Guatemala City, facing issues such as gangs, drugs, and extortion, among others. With support from Zona Coffee Roasters coming directly from YOUR coffee purchase, Engadi Ministries has begun to construct safe, reliable, and critical educational institutions serving the youth of Zona 18, providing them opportunities they never could have imagined otherwise. Zona 18 is only the beginning of the story. With your help, Zona Coffee Roasters will continue to support the development of the world’s most important coffee-producing hubs, all the while bringing our Customers the top-tier coffee they dream of, and the satisfaction of doing a good thing that impacts the lives of thousands of people in a positive and meaningful way.


Meet the man behind Zona Coffee Roasters, Kory! In 2009, Kory took his first trip to Guatemala and was instantly in love with the country, its people, and of course, its coffee. Experiencing a revelation that not many people can wrap their heads around until they’ve actually had it themselves (excluding those who already drink black coffee, of course), Kory took his first sip of coffee sans cream and sugar, and was hooked. This wasn’t your typical coffee, though. This coffee was meticulously cared for through every stage of its development, taken straight from the farm, and roasted precisely to the time and temperature that is perfect for that variety of bean – this, was coffee as coffee should be! After that, there was no doubt in Kory’s mind that others needed to experience this as well, but he wanted to do so in a way that benefitted the hard work and sacrifice made day in and day out by the families and communities whence the coffee came. By 2011, he had signed up for an internship with Engadi Ministries and was already brainstorming ways that he could help once he was back in the United States. During his internship, Kory had been spending time at a local coffee roaster, Refuge Café. It was there he learned the art of roasting and became involved with a local co-op of coffee farmers known as “De La Gente”. The pieces were all coming together in his mind, and as soon as he returned to the US, he purchased a coffee roaster and ordered his first sack of fresh, direct trade coffee through De La Gente. Thus, the inception of Zona Coffee!